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When you look at Joey J. Saye, you see a promising, young musician with his entire life ahead of him. When you hear him, his sound and his musicianship far surpass his age. The way he attacks the strings with finesse embodies the roots of blues as if he was around when the Blues were born.

Joey grew up just west of Chicago and music has been a part of his DNA since he was child; living in a household that provided him with a multitude of music genres and styles. Hearing his grandmother break out in song at any given moment helped him to appreciate music and its art of bringing people together, soothing the soul.

Even though he was introduced to the blues community at 16, he first heard the haunting melodies and guitar licks at 13 years of age when he was already dabbling in music and creating songs with his friends. But hearing Muddy Waters and Memphis Minnie’s music ignited his passion for the blues and he traded in his athletic gear for his guitar. And we are so glad he did.  

Joey is making a name for himself throughout Chicagoland and all over the US, he is being recognized abroad, becoming an international artist with audiences embracing him with open arms.

His love of blues is infectious, and he shows the audience that the blues are alive and well and will still live on for years to come.

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